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Reggio Emilia approach at New Horizon World Academy

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy and technique that focuses on pre-school and primary education. It is a student-centred and self-learning approach that encourages the kids to learn through experiences. While the teachers act as a partner and companions, parents are equally involved in their journey. They support the kids and even be a part of their curriculum. This way the Reggio Emilia Approach becomes an excellent educational pedagogy that helps nurture and develop a child. 

Principles of Reggio Emilia Approach to Education 

The Image of the Child - Children should be considered as an integral part of society and rightful citizens. They should be treated with equality and respect as they challenge everything they come across in the environment. They have preparedness, potential and curiosity which they can utilize in building relationships, constructing their own learning process/method. Experiential learning helps children respond appropriately to the situation they are in and hence become the leader of their own development. 

Collaboration and Interaction - In a school inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, collaboration and interaction are an integral part of the learning process. Children, teachers and parents work in collaboration to continuously improve the learning process and the system that supports the school and the community. This encourages the kids to interact with the people and the surrounding, learning from the experience they gain and applying it wherever necessary. 

The Environment - The environment that a child learns in is yet another teacher. They will interact with the environment and learn from the experience. The teachers would arrange the classroom such that each and every corner of it has some or the other importance. It is then upon the children to choose what they want to do. Most of the activities, both inside and outside the classroom are planned and balanced, be it individual, small group, large group. 

The Three Subjects of Education: Children, Families and Teachers - A child’s well-being, be it education, health, etc. is connected directly with the well-being of their parents and teachers. Everyone has their fair share of rights and responsibilities. Parents are responsible for earning and feeding their children, teachers are responsible for teaching and a child is responsible for learning. All are interconnected and depend on each other. 

Emergent Curriculum - In this, the curriculum and the projects are based on the interest of the children. Teachers communicate with them to know the same and take notes on each of the interests and hobbies. They also talk to the families about the interest and broaden the scope. Particular things that are also interesting to the kids like dinosaurs, rain, blocks, etc. are also considered for the same. Teachers then compare the notes with each other and decide on which project would be suited best for a particular class. 

The Role of the Teacher - Teachers role is decided upon the image of the child. It involves four of the major components: - 

Teachers as Co-constructor - They are the partners and guides in the childrens’ journey. They nurture them and try to solve their problems when they themselves cannot do so. While teaching, they are also learning, about themselves and the class. 

Teachers as Researchers - They learn about the class they are teaching and their own teaching style. They observe and analyze what they are doing and how the children are reacting. Teachers then revisit the same thing to learn more about it. 

Teachers as Documenters - They listen to what the children have to say. They record their observation and note down each and everything. They display their documentation to the parents and other teachers as well to see what all things a child excels at. 

Teachers as Advocates for Children - They support each and every child equally. They are always encouraging the kids to take part in community engagement events to increase their confidence and skills. Teachers show the child’s work to other teachers and the community on behalf of them. 

The Role Of Parents - Just like teachers, parents are also a very important component in a child’s learning process. They are asked to actively take part in this learning process. They are not only considered as parents but as partners in their child’s journey. They can take part in any activity and help in any way they see fit for their child’s welfare. 

Projects - Experiential Learning or learning by doing is mostly appreciated in Reggio Classrooms. That is why, children are given specific projects in large groups, small groups or solo, based completely on the teacher’s observation of the child. Children are kept engaged in this process of experimentation to understand their own capabilities and the subject matter in general. These projects can last for several days to months based on several factors. 

Reggio Classrooms at New Horizon World Academy 

New Horizon World Academy is an ICSE School that provides world-class learning opportunities. The curriculum is meticulously designed to keep up with world standards and achieve Sustainable Developmental Goals. All of this in a State-of-the-Art Infrastructure that is far beyond the industry standard mark. 

At NHWA, a Reggio Center has been set up to provide experiential learning with a holistic approach towards education. Our Reggio Center is spacious and designed such that each and every corner is utilized. The students are free to pick where they want to sit, and what or whom they want to interact with. This helps them be more confident in themselves and build relationships with the people around them. The  Reggio Center will help children develop their overall skills and inculcate good values. They will learn the importance of self-education and how experimentation is a powerful tool. Come, experience the power of joyful learning at New Horizon World Academy.

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